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  • Organic Basil

    Organic Basil

    Basil is a herb with spicy overtones of aniseed and is often associated with Italian cooking. It is delicious when combined with tomatoes and then either cooked or in a salad. Basil is an essential...

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  • Organic Bay Leaves

    Organic Bay Leaves

    Certified organic by BioGro NZ. The sweetly aromatic Bay Leaf (Bay Laurel) is one of the master herbs in European kitchens, adding a richness and depth of flavour. There is no substitute for this must...

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  • Organic Black Peppercorns

    Organic Black Peppercorns

    Bold, pungent flavour with distinctive heat. The king of spices, with a deep history and once traded as a currency. Black Pepper adds spicy heat and bold flavour to enhance any savoury dish. It is the...

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  • Organic Cajun Seasoning

    Organic Cajun Seasoning

    Cajun Seasoning has been specially prepared to provide the authentic taste of New Orleans Cuisine. Certified organic by BioGro NZ. The authentic taste of New Orleans cuisine. Works well with almost...

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  • Organic Cardamom Pods

    Organic Cardamom Pods

    Cardamom has a highly distinctive aroma and when used prudently has a wonderful effect. Important for Indian and Mid-East dishes, it is also highly regarded in Sweden & Germany. Certified organic...

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  • Organic Cayenne Pepper

    Organic Cayenne Pepper

    From the chilli family, Cayenne adds an authentic pungent flavour and spicy kick to Mexican, Italian and Indian dishes. Certified organic by BioGro NZ. The Cayenne Pepper is named after the city of...

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  • Organic Celery Seeds

    Organic Celery Seeds

    Celery Seeds have a distinct warm aromatic and slightly bitter celery flavour. Certified organic by BioGro NZ. The fragrant seeds have a distinct warm aromatic & slightly bitter celery flavour....

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  • Organic Chicken Seasoning

    Organic Chicken Seasoning

    My Chicken Seasoning is a well balanced blend to accent the flavour of most chicken dishes. Certified organic by BioGro NZ. A complex blend of spices designed to lift chicken to the next level. With...

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  • Organic Chilli Flakes

    Organic Chilli Flakes

    Our fiery Chilli Pieces are ideal for any dish that needs a little heat. Especially good with egg and vegetarian dishes. Chilli Flakes are used in pasta and pizza dishes, adding flecks of red and a...

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  • Organic Chilli Powder

    Organic Chilli Powder

    Certified organic by BioGro NZ. Our fiery Chilli Powder has medium heat and are typically milder than cayenne pepper perfect for sauces & chutneys, stir-fry, soups. Ideal for any exotic dish that...

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  • Organic Cinnamon Ground

    Organic Cinnamon Ground

    One of the most common kitchen spices, Cinnamon has a sweet, spicy flavour and woody fragrance and is used in a variety of sweet and savoury dishes Cinnamon has so many uses It is used in pies,...

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  • Organic Cloves - Whole

    Organic Cloves – Whole

    Cloves can be used whole or ground in a variety of cooking styles. Use cloves to stud your Christmas Glazed Ham. Add flavour to Asian and Middle Eastern curries and meat dishes. Cloves combine well...

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