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  • All Purpose Seasoning

    All Purpose Seasoning

    A unique & well rounded blend of herbs & spices for a complex, savoury flavour that will enhance any meal. Use on almost any meat or vege dish to add a depth of delicious flavour. Add midway...

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  • Beef Seasoning

    Beef Seasoning

    Inspired by the good old kiwi BBQ, I have prepared a spice mix of boldly aromatic herbs & spices to add a flavour hit to steak & beef dishes. Adds flavour to roast veges. Use in soups &...

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  • Cajun Seasoning

    Cajun Seasoning

    Cajun Spices has been specially prepared to provide the authentic taste of New Orleans Cuisine. ◾Use for fish or chicken for Southern American dishes. Lightly coat in oil and sprinkle with seasoning...

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  • Chicken Seasoning

    Chicken Seasoning

    My Chicken Seasoning is a well balanced blend to accent the flavour of most chicken dishes. Add to casseroles and pie filling to give a well rounded flavour. For a no fuss dish, drizzle a chicken...

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  • Curry Powder

    Curry Powder

    Curry is a ready made spice with a delicious taste of Indian cuisine. Use to add exotic flavour to any meat dishes or to flavour vegetables, stews and casseroles. Use to add flavour to baked / roast...

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  • French Herbs

    French Herbs

    An authentic blend of aromatic French herbs. ◾Perfect in stews, casseroles & soups, ◾Add near end of cooking to retain the herb flavours These herbs are used in a wide variety of dishes...

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  • Garam Masala

    Garam Masala

    A spice mix commonly used as a base to curries with the addition of other spices & flavours for different dishes. The base spice mix of most Indian curries, to which other spices are added to...

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  • Garlic Salt

    Garlic Salt

    A favourite in the kitchen,  combines natural Salt with rich garlic. Made in New Zealand to our own recipe, combining Himalayan Pink Salt, New Zealand Sea Salt and Garlic for a rich seasoning....

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  • Harissa Rub

    Harissa Rub

    Our authentic blend of hot and aromatic spices makes a perfect North African rub for chicken, lamb or beef. Combine with olive oil and lemon juice to form a paste & marinate meats before grilling...

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  • Italian Herbs

    Italian Herbs

    The aromatic flavour of authentic Italian Herbs adds a wonderful herbaceous flavour & aroma to most dishes. ◾Add to pasta sauces and sprinkle onto pizza. ◾Add to any dish for a herbaceous...

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  • Jamaican Jerk Rub

    Jamaican Jerk Rub

    Warming & zesty Caribbean flavours. Combine with lime juice to marinade then grill on a charcoal BBQ for authentic smokey flavour. Rub over chicken or pork before grilling or BBQ. Perfect on...

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  • Kashmiri Masala Powder

    Kashmiri Masala Powder

    Masala simply refers to a spice mix in Indian cuisine. Our specially blended mix uses Kashmiri chilli for a vibrant colour & medium heat, with deep spice flavours. For a simple curry, brown a...

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