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  • Garlic & Herb Salt

    Garlic & Herb Salt

    A favourite in the kitchen, combining natural sea salt with rich garlic and aromatic herbs. Splendid with all types of Meat, Seafood & vege dishes. Also great with sauces gravies and soups. Spice...

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  • Garlic Salt

    Garlic Salt

    A favourite in the kitchen,  combines natural Salt with rich garlic. Made in New Zealand to our own recipe, combining Himalayan Pink Salt, New Zealand Sea Salt and Garlic for a rich seasoning....

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  • Organic Garlic & Herb Salt

    Organic Garlic & Herb Salt

    An all-rounded flavour addition to any meal or dish. Splendid with all types of meat, especially the Sunday Roast, seafood and vege dishes. Great with sauces, gravies and soups. Garlic & Herb...

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  • Premium Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

    Premium Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

    Finest quality Ceylon Cinnamon, from Sri Lanka, prized for it’s mild, floral flavour that adds unrivalled depth to your dish, as well as health benefits. Essential for traditional Indian dishes,...

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  • Salt & Pepper

    Salt & Pepper

    Bold, pungent flavour with distinctive heat. The king of spices, combined with natural sea salt for a balanced seasoning. A combination of the most popular seasonings used to enhance the flavour of...

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  • Smokey BBQ Salt - Medium Reusable Grinder

    Smokey BBQ Salt – Medium Reusable Grinder

    Mexican inspired with moderate heat, rich, smokey & earthy flavours, boldly aromatic spices and Himalayan Pink Salt. The Variety Chipotle (chi-pote-lay) is a Jalapeno pepper, a cultivar of Cap

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