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  • Chilli Flakes

    Chilli Flakes

    Our fiery Chilli Pieces are ideal for any dish that needs a little heat. Especially good with egg and vegetarian dishes. Chilli Flakes are used in pasta and pizza dishes, adding flecks of red and a...

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  • Garlic salt

    Garlic salt

    A favourite in the kitchen, combines natural Salt with rich garlic. Spice up steaks, chicken and burgers. Sprinkle on potatoes, pasta dishes and salads. Stir into cooked vegetables and Soups. Use...

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  • Italian herbs

    Italian herbs

    The aromatic flavour of authentic Italian Herbs adds a wonderful herbaceous flavour and aroma to most dishes. Add to pasta sauces and sprinkle onto pizza. Add to any dish for a herbaceous Italian...

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  • Mixed Herbs

    Mixed Herbs

    Our combination of herbs is from the best traditions of classic French cooking. Common in Kiwi cooking to add a herbaceous flavour. Add to vinaigrettes and herb oils. Combine with garlic and red wine...

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  • Oregano


    Oregano, or wild marjoram comes from Europe. It is often confused with Marjoram but is more pungent. Add midway through cooking but extra quantities will be required to compensate for heat loss. It...

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  • Paprika Smoked

    Paprika Smoked

    Mild Paprika is specially selected and wood smoke dried, for an earthy smoked flavour and vibrant colour. Adds flavour to Spanish and Mexican dishes. Perfect to add a deep sweet-smokey flavour and...

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  • Tumeric Ground

    Tumeric Ground

    Turmeric is the richly coloured ground root of a tropical South Asian plant of the Ginger family. Often combined with spicy, exotic spices in traditional Indian or Asian vegetable dishes. Add early on...

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