• Stuffed Moroccan Kūmara

    Stuffed Moroccan Kūmara with Brown Rice, Pumpkin Seeds and Cranberries takes a normal kūmara and fancies it up, a lot! Ingredients 1-2 Large Kūmara 1 cup cooked Brown Rice 1/4 cup Pumpkin Seeds 1/4 cup Dried Cranberries 2 Tbsp Olive Oil 2 tsp Mrs Rogers Moroccan Seasoning Directions Wash the skins and slice the kūmara half way down but not ... Read More

  • Falafel

    Falafel is such a tasty snack or great filler for those tummies this winter. The best thing is you can make the mixture in advance and leave in the fridge until your ready to fry! Ingredients 1 can Chickpeas, drained 1 large Onion 2 cloves Garlic 4 tsp Mrs Rogers Coriander Ground 2 tsp Mrs Rogers Parsley 6 tsp Mrs ... Read More

  • Pickles

    To Pickle or not to Pickle….there’s no question!!! Remember going into Grandma’s pantry and looking up and seeing all of the yummy fruit, jams and pickles ready to eat. Then hearing that pop as the seal is broken, knowing that whatever is in that jar, is going to be one of the best foods you’ve tasted for a while. Well, ... Read More

  • Roasted Broccolini with Moroccan Dressing

    Sometimes adding a simple dressing can really change a meal. Use Mrs Rogers Moroccan Seasoning to create this easy and yummy dressing to take your veggies to the next level! Ingredients 450g Broccolini, washed and ends trimmed 2 tsp Mrs Rogers Moroccan Seasoning Juice from 1/2 Lemon 1 Tbsp Plain Yoghurt 2 Tbsp Olive Oil 1/4 cup Sliced Almonds Directions ... Read More

  • Christmas in Israel – Hanukkah Levivot (latkes)

    This recipe was too good not to include in our Christmas month and we’ve put a little kiwi twist on it by adding Kumara and a whole heap of Mrs Rogers flavours. Ingredients 2 large Potatoes 1 large Kumara 1 Onion 2 Eggs 2 tsp Mrs Rogers Parsley 1 tsp Mrs Rogers Paprika 1 tsp Mrs Roger Turmeric 1 tsp ... Read More

  • Kumara Gnocchi with Herbed Cream Sauce

    Pasta is such a great way to fill those tummies during the cooler months and by making it yourself, you can add flavour to the actual pasta instead of the sauce you put on top. It’s also a lot of fun to make. Get the kids involved! Ingredients 1kg Kumara 1 Tbsp Mrs Rogers Garlic Salt 4 tsp Mrs Rogers ... Read More

  • Vegetable En Croute

    The term ‘En Croute’ refers to anything food wrapped in pastry and baked. So add Mrs Rogers Garlic and Italian Herb Crusting Crumbs for a winner of a meal! Ingredients 1 Red Onion, sliced finely 1 Kumara, diced 1 Capsicum, diced 200g Pumpkin, diced 2 Tbsp Olive Oil 100g Cherry Tomatoes, cut in half 100g Spinach 100g Feta 1 cup ... Read More

  • Herb and Mushroom Risotto

    Need to fill your family’s tummies with a warm and hearty dish that’s quick and easy to make. Using Mrs Rogers Mixed Herbs, Porcini Sea Salt Flakes and Saffron, this will make an easy meal into a new family favourite! Ingredients 1 Tbsp Oil 1 heaped tsp Mrs Rogers Mixed Herbs 1 cup sliced Mushrooms 1 cup Arborio Rice, rinsed ... Read More

  • Forager’s Plate

    There’s nothing nicer than combining fresh ingredients and creating something really tasty…especially if you have the finished meal in 25 minutes! Try using Mrs Rogers Black Label BBQ Rubs Southern Oceans Fish Rub in this yummy recipe. Ingredients 4 large Flat Mushrooms 125g Cream Cheese 1 cup Grated Cheese 2 tsp Mrs Rogers Southern Oceans Fish Rub 2 Garlic Cloves ... Read More

  • Spicy Chickpea and Vegetable Fritters (Vegan) by Michelle Gaskell Serves 4

    In a world chock-full of celebrity chefs and a seemingly endless array of recipe videos provided by social media (yes, we know we contribute to these!), culinary inspiration can strike at any moment. However, as our first Finalist in Mrs Rogers Recipe Competition, Michelle Gaskell told us, she was inspired at an early age. Her favourite food memory is coming ... Read More